Indonesian crafted jewelry has exploded over the past several years. The rise of online stores and home shopping networks has increased consumer awareness of ethnic craftsman jewelry of all varieties. New manufacturers and artisans have made the global marketplace more competitive as new icons in fashion make their mark. Check out The International Colored Gemstone […]

If you are looking for a fun and funky way to decorate your home, the addition of Batik dolls is an amazing option. These small handcrafted dolls are the perfect way to add culture and elegance to your living space, without having to spend a small fortune. Batik dolls also make great gifts for a […]

There are few people that would turn down a vacation to the beautiful island country of Indonesia. It’s lush greenery and vibrant colors can inspire almost anyone. Still, for those who can’t live in the tropical Indonesian paradise, having a few authentic Indonesian products to decorate their home may make them feel like they’re on […]

Capture a piece of Indonesia by buying a gorgeous handmade Indonesian bracelet. With stunning designs and unique styles, authentic Indonesian bracelets will spice up any jewelry collection. Each item comes perfectly handcrafted with a dazzling array of colors and materials. Try something new and expand your accessory horizons. Before you settle for your average jewelry […]

While the exact origin of batik may not ever be known, we see its influences all over the world. It is the practice of applying wax to the surface of materials (usually cloth) and then dying it. Once the dye has dried the wax is removed leaving behind strikingly beautiful designs that have drawn in […]

We all run into those days when every outfit you put together just doesn’t cut it. No matter what you put on, there’s just something missing. This is where accessories come in! For every woman to look her best, she needs a few go-to pieces to compliment her daily looks. These accessories are timeless classics […]

Here at, we feature fabrics and methods of crafting that are high in quality, unique and beautiful. Not everyone is familiar with terms like batik, jumputan and tenun. Everyone should be, though! Some of the most beautiful and fashionable pieces in the world are created using these and similar methods and fabrics, and understanding […]

Rangrang woven is a kind of traditional Bali weaving which has simple motifs, but also look very intricate and extravagant because of the multitude of colors and patterns used. Fashion lovers and collectors of traditional cloths alike both hold Rangrang in high esteem. The woven cloth is very different from other types of woven cloth, […]

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