Fashion Spotlight: Traditional Rangrang Woven Cloth

Rangrang woven is a kind of traditional Bali weaving which has simple motifs, but also look very intricate and extravagant because of the multitude of colors and patterns used. Fashion lovers and collectors of traditional cloths alike both hold Rangrang in high esteem. The woven cloth is very different from other types of woven cloth, thanks to its unique motifs.

The Popularity of Rangrang Woven

Currently also very popular with everyone from mothers and teenagers to fashion designers, Rangrang is often used for hand bags, clothing and accessories. In addition, it is also often used in traditional ceremonies of various types.

The process of weaving is adopted from Jepara, and it is still done by using a loom machine. Patience, skill and experience are required of the weaver in order to produce woven cloths of excellent quality. Considerable time is needed during the production process.

Colors and Patterns in Rangrang Woven Cloths

Several popular patterns are used in Rangrang, most commonly geometric ones. These include the rhombus, vertical lines, zig-zag lines, and others. Motifs are inspired by the geographical conditions around the native areas in which they are created, which include hills and mountains. One of the most attractive characteristics of Rangrang woven cloths is the array of bright, eye-catching colors that are used. Oftentimes, red or yellow is used as the base color, along with white lines. The main white line is called pangoh taji. At the center of cloth might be a variety of symbols, and along the sides are often floral motifs, butterflies, frogs, leaves and the like.

Natural Materials in Rangrang Woven Cloths

Usually, wool and silk are the primary materials used, and dyes are natural. Noni roots and secang wood create red dye, yellow coloring comes from dried pomegranate rinds, and brown is created from the sidawayah flower, for example. It is because of these natural dyes that Rangrang is so popular too – Rangrang is safe, natural and comfortable even for people who tend to have sensitive skin.

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