How to Add a Touch of Indonesian Culture to Your Home

There are few people that would turn down a vacation to the beautiful island country of Indonesia. It’s lush greenery and vibrant colors can inspire almost anyone. Still, for those who can’t live in the tropical Indonesian paradise, having a few authentic Indonesian products to decorate their home may make them feel like they’re on vacation.

If you’re ready to give your home the Indonesian flair, keep in mind that authentic Indonesian decorations have a lot of sophistication. A home may be enhanced with a number of paintings, sculptures, woodcarvings, and even handcrafted items that capture the essence of the island destination.

You might see Indonesian decorative plates on a set table or even as traditional Indonesian wall decorations. Or a home may have a replica of traditional Indonesia folk costumes as part of its décor.

An authentic Indonesian home decoration also incorporates a bit of Indian and Chinese culture into their homes. This will provide a mixture of textures one may not normally find in other cultures. Wood furnishings could be of mahogany, leather, cane, teak, bamboo, or one of the many natural grasses that grow in the area. And adding a bit of greenery will bring it all together and help the inside of your home to blend in nicely with the lush outside landscape.

The dining room may be furnished with a nicely made teak or mahogany dining set, and set with Indonesian decorative plates. The decorative plate may be made from any type of ceramic material as long as the paintings or etchings are refined enough to capture the true essence of the culture.

Bedrooms are usually in sharp contrast to the rest of the house. Beds are more likely to be covered with white bedding, with netting hanging from the ceiling. While in Bali, the netting has a functional purpose (to keep away the mosquitos and other creepy crawlies while you sleep) in a western household it is more likely to serve purely as true Indonesian home decorations.

However you decide to decorate your home to give it the look and feel of Indonesia, just remember that to capture the essence, you need to use lots of color and texture throughout, bring a little of the outside in, and don’t leave your walls bare. Accent them throughout your home with authentic Indonesian wall decorations, and you’ll feel just like you’re on vacation every time you walk inside your home.

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