1. Wooden Yo-Yo

    Wooden Yo-Yo

    Everyone must know about yoyo.
    This is a simple toy that can be played with kids at home.
    Made of wood with string threads that is spun down from and reeled up to the hand by motions of the wrist.

    Diameter: 4cm
    Made of wood

  2. Bamboo Gasing

    Bamboo Gasing

    Gasing (spinner) is a toy that can be spun and balanced on the shaft.
    This is a simple toy that can be played by kids or grown-up at home.
    To spin a gasing, a string threads is first tightly wound around gasing.
    With the player holding on to one end of the string, the gasing is thrown or “launched” to set it spinning.

    Length : 19cm
    Made of bamboo

  3. Wooden Batik Dakon - Rabbit Shaped

    Wooden Batik Dakon - Rabbit Shaped

    One of traditional toy made of wood, usually played along with "Congklak" seed that made from shells or seeds.
    This dakon (congklak) crafts appearance is more eye catching with Batik pattern on it and it shapes that resemble animal shape.
    This dakon can be folded after finish playing with it so it can save space.
    When you fold the Dakon and reverse it, cute rabbit picture will appear.

    Size (lxw) : 37 x 9cm
    Color: Brown

    Made of Wood.