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TumbuSapa is the place to manifest our admiration and love for diverse traditions and beautifull Indonesian natural and culturally rich products.

The Meaning of TumbuSapa

TumbuSapa is our brand that derived from the local language word. Tumbu, means a large basket with a lid to keep the rice (Javanese, Big Indonesian Dictionary). Sapa, means greeted with friendliness (Big Indonesian Dictionary). Sapa, in Batak language also means a kind of jackfruit wood plate where rice are eaten with big family and close relatives.

Both are said to symbolize a life saving (rice as a symbol of life in Indonesia since a long time ago), also symbolizes friendly characteristics, and importance of family, kinship and togetherness in Indonesia.

We present TumbuSapa as a friendly place to enjoy the wealth of Indonesia from various regions and as a symbol of life and family.

TumbuSapa is symbolized by font and logo that reflects the natural vegetation and soil color that blends modern design and nature. The richness of meaning and significance of TumbuSapa logo reflect the richness of Indonesian tradition, culture and nature.

TumbuSapa.com Service

TumbuSapa.com is an online shop that provide a wide range of ethnic Indonesian handicraft in a modern, detailed and smooth access from a variety of goegraphy and devices; either from a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

All unique items that we provide are all picked through our extensive curation and strict quality control. So the number of goods are not vast, but always high quality.

Our Customer Service can be reached through a variety of methods, telephone, Live Chat, email, and provides help and assistance on working hours.

TumbuSapa product are ready to be shipped to all over Indonesia and overseas. We cooperate with qualified shipping company.

We are TumbuSapa

TumbuSapa managed by a team of young Indonesian who love and admire the natural diversity and cultural traditions of Indonesia.

TumbuSapa is a business unit under PT. Asia Quattro Net, a systems integration company that has been in the world of telecommunications and internet technologies for over nine years.

To learn more about becoming a Tumbusapa merchant, simply send your email to : merchant@tumbusapa.com.


Regards from Indonesia!


Happy Shopping from all of us in Tumbusapa!