Profil Pengrajin (EN)


Herniwati SalehHerniwati Saleh

This friendly woman who lives in Jakarta, works in one of the Telecommunications companies in the capital's golden triangle area. The life of a busy professional who makes a hobby creating unique and adorable works of fabric became a factor in her balance. For her, life without a hobby not at all attractive. The enjoyment of hunting beautiful paper and cloth is a weekend activity eagerly awaited. Her love of the craft giving pleasure, satisfaction and also spare her from the stress of a very high pressure job demands. Herni feel that the work as a designer and craftsman makes her attractive and had a pleasant subject of conversation with anyone.

Eka fachriEka Fachri

Single with accounting education from Pekan Baru. Eka, who found passion for the craft, chose to create and design accessories and veils everyday. The work is typically batik accessories made ​​of clay and herb essential oils that are not only beautiful but also flavorfully fun. Inspiration comes from practiced meditation, with creativity and love of the craft. Eka feels the tranquility from his work and always cheerful. Eka dream his work can be enjoyed not only by the people of Indonesia. Eka believes that living in a small town is not an obstacle to continue creating and raising business.

Farida Noor FananyFarida Noor Fanany

From a desire to fill the free time as a housewife while living in Jakarta, Farida opened boutique Djokdja Batik Handicraft in 2006 at his home. At first, sold at an affordable price in the form of batik cloth, clothes men and women, teens, children. Then further developed to houses decor and craft supplies, and additional order of Djokdja Batik uniform and hem. Later in 2012, Farida began an initiative to create a batik handbag collection with a combination of cow leather and vinyl, with variant types of vintage batik, written batik, and striated batiks from several regions in Indonesia. This handbag collection collaborate with artisans from Sleman and Bantul, Yogyakarta. With online media campaign, resellers programs and participation in cultural trade fairs, Farida expects its products to be widely known in the modern era but it also can preserve the cultural value of Indonesian batik.