Selected Products

Selected Products

Not only on fabrics and clothing, batik is also beautiful and stylish for toys, bags, accessories, purses, and much more. Enjoy our selection and find what you like.

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  1. Wooden Kates Menong Puppets - Couple

    Wooden Kates Menong Puppets - Couple

    "Menong" a pair of dolls men and women dressed in Javanese traditional clothes, and usually placed side by side. This craft made ​​of wood with ethnic design and in unique shape. Special batik technique used for the finishing process which needs painstaking and detailed work. A pair of Menong is suitable as your home decoration or as a gift to you collegues. Made of wood Size : Length : 24cm Color: Green Selanjutnya...
  2. Bugis Maroon Songket Sarong

    Bugis Maroon Songket Sarong

    Songket is a traditional woven cloth usually used in official events and for limited society. The making process includes weaving by hands using gold and silver threads so that the cloth looks luxurious and expensive. Nowadays, this cloth can be worn by anyone and created into other outfit like kebaya or baju kurung. Made of gold color threads Length x width: 220cm x 107cm Color: Red Selanjutnya...
  3. Tampak Depan

    Boys Batik Shirt - Flower Pattern

    Short sleeve shirt for kids, modernly designed will macth every occasion.
    It is made of flower motif cotton fabric.

    Color: Black

    Chest                   : 78cm
    Shoulder width  : 31cm
    Sleeve length     : 17cm
    Arm hole              : 26cm
    Length                  : 54cm

    Made of cotton.

  4. Girls Dress - Ribbon

    Girls Dress - Ribbon

    Girl's dress made of combination motif cotton fabric, with a combination of black and blue colors in the neck, sleeve, and waist.
    Accessorized with ribbon in the waist, this dress looks very pretty.

    Color: Blue

    Bust                    : 56cm
    Waist                  : 56cm
    Shoulder width : 21cm
    Sleeve length    : 9cm
    Arm hole            : 20cm
    Length                : 61cm

    Made of cotton.

  5. Tampak Depan

    Glass Coasters

    Dresden coaster, made of stitched cloth with different yet beautiful motifs, will prevent heat from your hot cup/glass. One set of product comprises of two coasters, orange and green ones. Made of cotton. Diameter: 15cm Color: Orange and Green Selanjutnya...
  6. Tampak Depan

    Hanging Tissue Box - Green

    Tissue hanger with flowers and butterflies motif, accessorized with ribbon on top of the hanger,
    looks beautiful and perfect to decorate your dining room or kitchen.

    Length x width x height : 24cm x 19cm x 31.5cm
    Color                                : Green

    Made from cotton.