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Terms of Use TumbuSapa.com


Terms of Use www.Tumbusapa.com site (Terms) between users as www.tumbusapa.com site users (Users / you) and PT Asia Quattro Net as manager www.tumbusapa.com site (Tumbusapa.com/Kami) load conditions before terms of use applicable Tumbusapa.com site services for users to may use the site Tumbusapa.com. Please read the following terms and conditions properly. Before you use the service Tumbusapa.com, you must first accept and agree to the terms and Conditions of Us. By using or continuing access to services We, you agree to the terms and conditions We, and therefore agree to be bound into a contract with Us. If you do not accept or agree to these Terms, you are not allowed to access further and welcome to the site Tumbusapa.com Tumbusapa.com leave the site.


  1. 1.     INTRODUCTION

1.1  tumbusapa.com is an internet-based website and e-commerce portal owned and operated by PT Asia Quattro Net, a company incorporated under Indonesia laws. Tumbusapa.com provides a service that allows users to buy products shown in Tumbusapa.com.

2.1  In This provision is meant by "User / You" means an individual, both Indonesian citizens, foreign citizens, or corporation with the ability to use a computer, network and / or other electronic media that is able to access it Tumbusapa.com. In this case also includes users who have registered with the site Tumbusapa.com as Registered Users who have paid for certain services that may be provided by the site Tumbusapa.com.

3.1  By accessing the site Tumbusapa.com, the User has agreed to accept all of the terms and conditions that apply to the site Tumbusapa.com consciously and without coercion from any party and the user has been bound by the provisions in force. If the user does not agree to the terms and conditions applicable, Users are required to leave the site Tumbusapa.com.

4.1  We may change or update these Terms at any time and will announce changes in Tumbusapa.com site or notify users of changes via e-mail listed in Tumbusapa.com. Users are required to read the new rules at any time and is deemed to have agreed to such changes or updates if after publication in Tumbusapa.com site users still continue to use the services Tumbusapa.com site.



2.1  User agrees not to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish license, create derivative works from, transfer, download and sell information or software, images, recordings, video, directories, documents, databases, advertising obtained from Tumbusapa.com site for any purpose without written permission from Tumbusapa.com. Reproduction and copy the contents of the site Tumbusapa.com permitted on the basis that the name Tumbusapa.com stated as the source and there is written permission from Tumbusapa.com.

2.2  When using or accessing services Tumbusapa.com websites, Users are not permitted to :

1)     Publish, post, distribute or disseminate topic, name, material or information of any inappropriate, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, racist, discriminatory or unlawful user to another.

2)     Disseminate and distribute files or software that contains a virus, or other similar technology that can damage / harm Tumbusapa.com website, its affiliates and other Users.

3)     Spread spam, or electronic messages in bulk and concatenated messages.

4)     Violate the Act or the applicable laws, both intellectual property rights, and other rights and violate the applicable provisions in the site Tumbusapa.com.

5)     Disseminate documents, files, software or other material contained in situ Tumbusapa.com protected by intellectual property laws unless the user has to have written consent from the owner of the intellectual property rights.

6)     Taking and collecting information from other users, including e-mail addresses without the knowledge of other users.

2.3  We reserve the right to limit or not allow access, or provide different access for Tumbusapa.com can open the site and its features with respect to different Users, or to change any of the features or introduce new features without prior notice. Tumbusapa.com and its affiliates are exempt from any form of liability to the User or to any third party if the relevant Tumbusapa.com can not use the site for any reason (whether due to disruption, limited access, changes to features or not the inclusion of longer certain features or for other reasons ); or if the communication or transmission delays, errors or may not take place or if the loss arises because of the use or inability to use the site Tumbusapa.com or any of the features in it.

2.4  User acknowledges and agrees that the prices listed in the website Tumbusapa.com may change at any time and without prior notice.



3.1  Each User is obliged to pay in full for any transactions made fit with the terms of the transaction and payment.

3.2  Each user is solely responsible for the whole thing done at the site Tumbusapa.com conducted in the name of the User.

3.3  Users are entitled to the goods / products are fit and have been paid in full in advance by users, the goods / products that have been purchased and paid in full by the user can not be returned or canceled unilaterally by Users

3.4  Users are entitled to the goods / products that have been paid in full all the goods / products are listed with the price is right and do not contain any information including but not limited to typing errors and errors due to system Tumbusapa.com site.


  1. 4.     PAYMENT TERMS

4.1  Payments made by transfer to a bank account in the name of PT. Asia Quattro Net as the manager of the site Tumbusapa.com. In addition to the transfer can be done with a reliable payment gateway to provide a wide range of payment methods that may used by User

4.2  Each user has the right to choose the method of payment has been provided by Tumbusapa.com, where each payment transaction fees will be charged to the user.

4.3  Each User is obliged to pay in full on bookings made on the site Tumbusapa.com in a predetermined period of time before we can process further on User reservations. If the user did not make payment within the specified time period then we reserve the right states that the reservation had been canceled by the user.

4.4  After payment, the User is obliged to confirm payment available in the site in order Tumbusapa.com goods / products may be shipped.



5.1  Tumbusapa.com may only make delivery of the goods that have been ordered by the user, once aware of the payment and after obtaining funds from the User fit with the value of goods purchased by User

5.2  Tumbusapa.com work closely with a trusted logistics company that will send every order User.

5.3  All forms of complaints on the delivery of goods is the responsibility of logistics company that works with Tumbusapa.com. Tumbusapa.com will endeavor to facilitate between Users and logistics company that works with Tumbusapa.com. In connection with this, the User agrees to release Tumbusapa.com and its affiliates for all claims and losses suffered by the user associated with the order delivery process.



6.1  Tumbusapa.com obligation is menyedia site and the products that will be sold in Tumbusapa.com site. Quality, information and data from each product sold in Tumbusapa.com site is the sole responsibility of the supplier Tumbusapa.com.

6.2  Barang yang telah dibeli oleh Pengguna dan dibayar oleh Pengguna tidak dapat dikembalikan dan apabila setelah proses pembayaran dilakukan dan barang yang dibeli Pengguna tidak tersedia, maka Tumbusapa.com akan mencari alternatif barang pengganti atau melakukan pengembalian dana sesuai dengan nilai yang telah dibayarkan oleh Pengguna.

6.3  Tumbusapa.com required to process the shipment on orders that have been paid in full by the user by working with a trusted logistics company.

6.4  Tumbusapa.com as one of the merchants who have cooperated with the official banking services and payment gateways that have been certified are not responsible if there is negligence. Misinformation or fraud when using a credit card as means of payment in transactions in Tumbusapa.com. Therefore, the User hereby agrees and frees Tumbusapa.com and its affiliates from any claims due to negligence in the use of the Credit Card.

6.5  Prices on each product are listed in Tumbusapa.com site is definitely the price and the currency.



    7.1 Tumbusapa.com and its affiliates are the sole owner and holder of all the valid intellectual property rights over Tumbusapa.com site and its contents are protected by copyright law and the laws that protect other applicable intellectual property throughout the world. All rights not expressly set out in these Terms or by Tumbusapa.com protected by applicable law.

    7.2 Site Tumbusapa.com, names, logos, and related icons are registered trademarks in various jurisdictions and are protected by laws on copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights. It is strictly forbidden to use, modify or install the brands mentioned above.



    All the enquiries and suggestions, notice, or information on services of Tumbusapa.com may be sent by post to the following address:

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